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World’s largest airline adopts new on-wing engine wash system from Rochem® Aviation




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World’s largest airline adopts new on-wing engine wash system from Rochem® Aviation

Following extensive successful field testing, initially with US Airways aircraft, the new Ro-Jet-WashTM (RJW) system from Rochem® Aviation Inc. (RAI) has been adopted for fleetwide use by the newly formed, and now the world’s largest airline, American Airlines.

Field testing of the RJW system was concentrated on US Air’s A320 family of aircraft at its various US hubs prior to its amalgamation with American Airlines. The results of every 2 x 2 minute engine clean, even when using only hot water at 65.5°C (150° F), were consistent with reductions in EGT margins averaging over 10°C, equal to a relative decrease in fuel burn of 1 to 1.5 %.

A spokesperson for American Airlines, Propulsion Engineer Andrew Perkins, commenting on their experience with RAI, said they wanted a company like RAI that was “passionate about engine cleaning and was a proven industry leader” to design and supply an engine wash system. The RAI system they have now adopted is exactly what they wanted after researching every other on-wing wash system on the market. Says Andrew, “There is really nothing to it. Just roll the [fully self-contained, self-positioning] wash system up to the engine and turn on the wash. And when it’s done just turn it off again.”

Andrew says the true benefit of the RAI system to his airline is that it allows them to own their own equipment at a realistic, affordable cost with a very short return on investment. The airline is able to wash engines almost anywhere in their network whenever they choose and not be reliant on third parties to provide this service at a considerably greater cost. What this comes down to, he says, is fuel saving with the considerable additional advantage of being able to keep cleaner and more efficient engines on-wing longer, and requiring less maintenance, thus saving considerable amounts of money across the whole airline.

The RJW on-wing engine wash system has been further adapted to serve all aircraft/engine types in the American airlines fleet.