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Rochem Seawater Desalination

Seawater Desalination System

ROCHEM ® system design is based on 30 years of experience of installation of more than 3000 units on ships of different kinds and sizes and more than 700 units on naval ships, such as frigates, corvettes, helicopter carriers, mine hunters, patrol boats, submarines, etc.

Designed and constructed for continuous operation to desalt and purify: – Sea Water – Brackish Water – City Water – Industrial Waste Water 
LOW-Energy–and without chemical pre-treatment 

Unit type: RAO ROCHEM RO1530‐25S

Capacity: approx. 25 m3 / day potable water

Number of ROCHEM® TS-Modules 2
Operation pressure 60 – 70 bar
Connected power 10-13 Kw – 440v / 60 Hz / 3 phase
Weight DRY 1.470Kg (in operation 1.720Kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.400 x 800 x 2.185 (mm)
Raw Water Salinity, design Sea Water, open sea: 36.000 ppm TDS; pH 7,8
Pure water output 340-500ppm TDS; pH 6,3 – 6,5

RAO RO‐Plant designed for the special requirements on ships. The RAO RO‐Plants can produce naturally pure potable water with app. 500 mg/l of remaining minerals at a seawater temperature of 25°C. The quality of the produced water will be in accordance to the latest requirements of the WHO.

Unit type: RAO ROCHEM 510 PF2-10S

Capacity: approx. 10 m3 / day potable water

Number of  ROCHEM® PF-Modules 2
Operation pressure 60 – 70 bar
Connected power 5 kW – 400V / 50Hz (440V / 60Hz) / 3 phase
Weight DRY 670Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.190 x 705 x 1.500 (mm)
Raw Water Salinity, design Normal sea water: 36.000ppm TDS; pH 7,8
Pure water output Between 340 & max. 500ppm TDS; pH 6,3 – 6,5

The RAO ROCHEM Fresh Water Generators use the reverse osmosis principle. In this cross flow mode of filtration, a percentage of the feed water permeates through the reverse osmosis membranes, to produce water that is free from suspended solids, bacteria and viruses. This process is sensitive to the temperature and salinity of the feed water.

ROCHEM RO SEAWATER DESALINATION Unit type: RAO ROCHEM RO510-PF1-5S Capacity: approx. 5 m3 / day potable water
Number of ROCHEM® PF-Modules 1
Operation pressure 60 – 70 bar
Connected power 3 kW – 400V / 50Hz (440V / 60Hz) / 3 phase
Weight DRY 680Kg (in operation 780Kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.190 x 705 x 1.500 (mm)
Raw Water Salinity, design Sea Water, open sea: 36.000 ppm TDS; pH 7,8
Pure water output 340 – 500 ppm TDS; pH 6,3 – 6,5

With Rochem technology, seawater treatment plants are designed with capacity of 2m3/day to 100m3/day for kinds of ships.

Plants designed with 600m3/day to 100.000m3/day for residential areas, islands.

COMPREHENSIVE WATER MANAGEMENT Seawater Desalination and waste water treatment on ships and offshore platforms

RAO serves the needs of the ship´s crews and offshore platform´s operators for high-quality drinking water and for environmental-friendly waste water treatment.

Rochem Seawter Desalination System

Every RO system supplied by RAO is completely assembled and fully tested prior to dispatch from the factory. Therefore they can be in full operation literally just a few hours after arriving on site. There are only four fixed or flexible pipe connections to make plus an electrical supply. Nothing else. 

The ROCHEM® RO Fresh Water Generators are designed, fabricated and approved according to the following National and International Standards:

DIN - (German Industrial Standard) VDE - (Association of German Electricians) VDMA - (Organisation of German Mechanical Engineers) IEC - International Electric Standards for Electr. Motors ISO - International Standards

The ROCHEM® RO units are designed and constructed to fulfil the requirements of the following Classification societies:

Germanischer Lloyd Lloyd’s Register of Shipping American Bureau of Shipping Det Norske Veritas Bureau Veritas 

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Rochem Triple S/TS Module (NEW)

THIS IS NEW, developed by Rochem Technical Services 

Rochem Technical Services is able to create a module especially for your requirements

The significant difference to conventional spiral round modules is that Rochem Technical Services combines different feed channels, permeate carriers and membranes in one module element.
Triple s module

The module element can be split in parts.Each part includes different feed spacers and membranes; also the membrane cushion carriers can be different. R.T.S. Rochem Technical Services has a lot of possibilities to find the ideal composition for your particular objectives. 


The heart of the TS module is the membrane element.This consists of membrane cushions and spacers wrapped in a tube element. The completed membrane element is then pushed on the rod-shaped permeate outlet and collecting device. The membrane element is provided with end flanges onboth sides.The end flanges consist of at least one input for the feed medium to be separated and one output for the retentate. The border elements are kept sealed to the tube element. The TS element is covered in a pressure vessel.

spiral wound


membrane element

Membrane Cushion 

For different applications from different materials. The membrane cushion is made up with a sheet Known as the permeate carrier. This permeate carrier is sandwiched between two membranes. The outer diameter is sealed by ultrasonic welding of the three ore more sheets together.

permeate carrier
Feed Flow 
Different types and configurations/ open channel

Parallel open channel

Diamond open channel
open channel
parallel open channel

membrane channel Diamond open channel

triple ts module

Especially, this module includes 3 times menbranes more than the existing modules so it has the power of the three existing ones 

permeate rates ro nanofiltration rejection

Rochem advanced reverse osmosis and nanofiltration processes significantly increase the permeate recovery rate and reduces the volume of concentrate. Depending on the chemistry of the untreated feed water, the volume of concentrate produced can be reduced by at least 50% from the volume of a single pass RO treatment, improving waste water management and reducing operating costs. Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technology applied towaste water treatment is part of an envi- ronmentally friendly and sustainable treatment system.

The R.T.S. reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes and the TS – elements provide a process that: – Is a careful and effective use of assets and resources – Minimizes the burden on the environment – Is commercially feasible and affordable.

The R.T.S. “TS Triple S Modules“ are manufactured from the best and most sophisticated materials, for the customer ́s application. The pressure housing is made out of glass fiberup to 90 bar operating pressure and out of stainless steel up to 120 bar (316-316A). End flanges are made out of ABS, Ulfrem or stainless steel.

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Rochem RO system

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

pure water

We solve the world’s difficult-to-treat, valuable industrial waste and process waters.

Our engineers will design, develop, deliver and pre-engineer systems in a variety of sizes and configurations, across all markets, which meet your most pressing challenge. Our solutions are reliable, cost effective and can be easily adapted to your specific applications.
Landfill Leachate

landfill leachate We can recommend a system that operates efficiently and sets the stage for continuous improvement…

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Industrial Waste Waterindustrial water

We provide efficient, safe, cost-effective solutions to meet the strictest discharge requirements in your specific application…

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Water Reuse

reuse water We pair creativity with technology to create new solutions for the reuse of waste water resource…

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We lead the way in developing highly advanced membrane technologies.
We lead the market in research, development and application engineering to redefine recovery rates, efficiency and effectiveness for membrane-led technologies. Over 3000 installations and certified by all well- known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation (FAO), are easy to maintain, and avoid the fouling problems encountered by competitive systems.   membrane develop
Global services & Worldwide deliveries    
Whichever solution you chose, our global team of engineers will be there for you—around the clock and on the field—ensuring that your system is installed, configured, and maintained for longevity and outstanding performance.  
Rochem RO System

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Rochem RO system

About Us

Untitled  ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS since 1993. 
Global Service & Worldwide Deliveries available.
(All products and goods are from EU // GERMAN ORIGIN)

ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS (RAO) started in 1993 on behalf of the Rochem Group of Companies with initially the vision to serve the needs of marine customers in the marine chemical and maintenance field in all Asian major ports.

ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS has over the years also expanded to include numerous non-marine industrial projects with World Wide Deliveries & Servicing.

The membrane technologies offered are based upon the ROCHEM® Module Technology and other advanced plant design technologies.

ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS (ROA) quickly became an important player on the International market.

The RO plants using ROCHEM® Module Technology are shipboard system favorites.

Over 3000 installations with varying capacities ranging from small vessels to the very largest, including most of all ASIAN Navies and some NATO Navies, Oil platforms are in daily use all over the world. Certified by all well- known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation, are easy to maintain, and avoid the fouling problems encountered by competitive systems.

Process Technology

In 1993, ROA started by offering systems using at that time the worldwide patented ROCHEM Disc Tube (DT) Module Technology. Later on this was joined by other ROCHEM® Module Technologies “which are an upgraded and improved version offering several advantages on top of the older DT-Module technology such as higher performances and longer membrane life time, less consumption of membrane cleaners.
The DT and the latest ROCHEM® Module Technology are based upon a unique membrane module construction that results in an open channel, unrestricted and fully turbulent feed water cross-flow system configuration. The turbulence prevents suspended solids carried in the feed water from being trapped or settling inside the membrane module.

As a result, infrequent and highly successful maintenance cleaning of the membrane is achieved using a standard inbuilt cleaning system. Unlike other RO systems, the need for pre-treatment of seawater feed with acid or other chemicals is eliminated and not needed.
The system guarantees full performance, high reliability and greatly extended membrane life.

Gas turbine cleaning

Gas Turbine Cleaning


Rochem Technical Services has been a world leader in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning technology, cleaning chemicals and associated equipment since 1978. Rochem Technical Services designs, manufactures, markets and supports its own systems and chemicals on a worldwide basis.

Our gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems and specialist cleaning chemicals are well-known and available worldwide under the trade name FYREWASH® for on-line and off-line/on-crank cleaning. 

gas turbine cleaning overview



A high purity solvent & surfactant formulation for heavy duty on and off-line compressor cleaning 


Highly biodegradable natural solvent for on-line and off-line compressor cleaning 


Highly biodegradable water-based detergent for on-line and off-line cleaning of compressors 


New Generation Highly biodegradable water based detergent for online & offline compressor washing 


The original heavy duty on-line and off-line cleaner for gas turbine compressors

gas turbine cleaning chemicals

The FYREWASH® System has been incorporated by leading gas turbine manufacturers and packagers, such as: STEWART & STEVENSON Gas Turbine Division (Houston, Texas), JOHN BROWN ENGINEERING (London, England), GENERAL ELECTRIC (Schenectady, New York), FIAT (Italy), EUROPEAN GAS TURBINES (Lincoln, England) and other major OEM’s. 

Approved Fyrewash