Product - Seawater Treatment

Drinking Water From The Sea

RO-MEMBRANE FILTRATION UNITS Designed and constructed for continuous operation to desalt and purify:
  • Sea Water
  • Brackish Water
  • City Water
  • Industrial Waste Water 
ROCHEM RO-PF-5-10S from sea water 5000-10000 l/24h potable water ROCHEM from sea water sw5     ROCHEM RO-PF-15-30S from sea water 15000-30000 l/24h potable water ROCHEM from sea water sw15
With comprehensive standard features

Necessary feature such as filter booster pump, filtration package, inbuilt cleaning system, automatic pressure regulation, flow control, full instrumentation and fail-safe protection are fitted as standard – not as expensive ‘options’ as in the case of many other systems.

With additional facilities

The basic system design allows for a building block concept or modular expansion to incorporate-either at the factory or as a later retrofit-additional facilities to meet the changing needs of the operator. For example, raw water pre-heaters can be included with no modifications to the basic system. Carbon filters, pure water distribution systems, ultra violet and/or chlorine dosing systems etc. can also be easily interfaced with the basic system.

Plus low-cost maintenance, operation and service

Modular construction and purpose-designed clear access to all major components and piping means that inspection and preventive maintenance can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Automatic operation and regulation of the system, fail-safe design and fault indication facilities ensure correct, safe and reliable operation of the system.

A fully documented computer ‘history’ with details of all component parts used is developed for each system produced and a comprehensive spare parts and consumables inventory is maintained by Rochem to provide the operator with a quick response after-sales service.

Based wide range of standard systems

With 10 different capacities up to 350000 litres/ 24 hours for sea water application and a similar number up to 500000 litres/ 24 hours for brackish water, Rochem can usually meet at short notice most customer requirements from its standard range. If not, larger capacity systems or more specialized systems are available on request.

And installed and operational in a matter of hours

Since every Rochem RO system is completely assembled and fully tested prior to dispatch from the factory and can be in full operation literally just a few hours after arriving on site. There are only four fixed or flexible pipe connections to make plus an electrical supply. Nothing else.

List of standard components
  • Filter booster pump
  • Sand filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • High-pressure plunger pump
  • Motor control valve
  • High-pressure control system
  • RO PT module permeators
  • Pure water de-acidification filter
  • Inbuilt closed circuit cleaning system
  • Automatic pure water membrane flushing system
  • Power and control system
  • Full instrumentation and measurement equipment
  • Comprehensive fail-safe system
  • Fault indication
  • Modular skid frame construction
Optional Equipment
  • Main raw-water supply pump
  • Submersible well-water supply pump
  • Pure water tank and distribution pump
  • Chlorine dosing system
  • Ultra violet disinfection system
  • Containerized/ mobile systems
  • Self contained power supply
  • Shock and vibration proof systems to military standards
  • Anti-magnetic systems
Approved by
  • German Lloyd
  • DOT
  • Det norske Veritas
  • RINA
  • all other class. – societies on request
Guideline to Water Quality from the Rochem Plate Module
 A - Municipal Water Treatment B - Brackish Water Desalination C - Sea Water Desalination
Recovery: 75% Operating pressure: 40 bar Recovery: 50% Operating pressure: 40-50 bar Recovery: 30% Operating pressure: 60 bar
 Feedwater  Purewater   Feedwater  Purewater    Feedwater  Purewater
Conduct.  753 µS/cm  13 µS/cm Conduct.  14190 µS/cm  193 µS/cm Conduct.  48900 µS/cm  920 µS/cm
TDS  665 ppm  6,0 ppm TDS  8,898 ppm  104 ppm  TDS  34340 ppm  400 ppm 
Na   49 ppm   1,3 ppm  Na  2368  ppm  39 ppm  Na   9,600 ppm  140 ppm 
 5,8 ppm  0,1 ppm   80 ppm  2 ppm   34 ppm  0,8 ppm 
Ca   113 ppm  0,4 ppm  Ca   107 ppm  0,24 ppm  Ca   327 ppm  1,6 ppm 
Mg   10,6 ppm  0,04 ppm  Mg   294 ppm  0,48 ppm  Mg   1360 ppm  3,4 ppm 
Cl   142 ppm  3,3 ppm  Cl   4320 ppm  61 ppm  Cl   20210 ppm  201 ppm 
SO4  106 ppm  -   SO4   607 ppm  -   SO4   2,590 ppm  2,4 ppm 
Si  25 ppm  0,3 ppm  Si   0,3 ppm  -  Si   0,1 ppm  -