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Untitled  ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS since 1993. 
Global Service & Worldwide Deliveries available. (All products and goods are from EU // GERMAN ORIGIN)
ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS (RAO) started in 1993 on behalf of the Rochem Group of Companies with initially the vision to serve the needs of marine customers in the marine chemical and maintenance field in all Asian major ports. ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS has over the years also expanded to include numerous non-marine industrial projects with World Wide Deliveries & Servicing. The membrane technologies offered are based upon the ROCHEM® Module Technology and other advanced plant design technologies. ROCHEM ASIAN OPERATIONS (ROA) quickly became an important player on the International market. The RO plants using ROCHEM® Module Technology are shipboard system favorites. Over 3000 installations with varying capacities ranging from small vessels to the very largest, including most of all ASIAN Navies and some NATO Navies, Oil platforms are in daily use all over the world. Certified by all well- known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation, are easy to maintain, and avoid the fouling problems encountered by competitive systems. Process Technology

In 1993, ROA started by offering systems using at that time the worldwide patented ROCHEM Disc Tube (DT) Module Technology. Later on this was joined by other ROCHEM® Module Technologies "which are an upgraded and improved version offering several advantages on top of the older DT-Module technology such as higher performances and longer membrane life time, less consumption of membrane cleaners. The DT and the latest ROCHEM® Module Technology are based upon a unique membrane module construction that results in an open channel, unrestricted and fully turbulent feed water cross-flow system configuration. The turbulence prevents suspended solids carried in the feed water from being trapped or settling inside the membrane module.

As a result, infrequent and highly successful maintenance cleaning of the membrane is achieved using a standard inbuilt cleaning system. Unlike other RO systems, the need for pre-treatment of seawater feed with acid or other chemicals is eliminated and not needed. The system guarantees full performance, high reliability and greatly extended membrane life.