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Round Shaped Membrane Cushions

ROCHEM is producing ROUND SHAPED MEMBRANE CUSHIONS. The round shape design results into 5% surface increase compared to octagonal shaped sheets with the same diameter as a result of the geometric difference.
  • 5% increase of  the membrane area, flows and recovery rate increase as a result.
  • Sealing edge of round membranes is applied with the more advanced technologies than the octagonal ones.
membrane plate disc


Membrane Area comparison between Round Shaped Rochem PF RO-Membrane Cushions ( Left ) and former Octagonal Shaped Cushions for ( Right ) the use in older type Disk Tube RO-Modules
ROUND SHAPED ROCHEM CUSHIONS Round Shaped Membrane CushionsOCTAGONAL SHAPED CUSHIONS Octagonal Shaped Cushions

Blue area indicates the extra membrane surface of round shaped membrane cushions compared to octagonal sheets at the same diameter

The round shape design results into 5% surface increase

The membrane cushion is made up with a permeate carrier, this permeate carrier is sandwiched between two membrane sheets.The outer diameter is sealed by ultrasonic welding of the three or more permeate carrieres together. The centre hole allows the permeate to flow into the permeate flow channels.permeate ro
fleece sheet membrane


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