Sea Water Treatment


A new module system for membrane applications in desalination and purification of liquids is presented. The ROCHEM Disc Tube Module Type DT can operate effectively and economically at increased turbidity and Silt Density Index levels for reverse osmosis and high pressure ultra-filtration.

The disc-membrane stack of this module is assembled using hydraulic discs alternating with membrane cushions on a central tension rod with metal end flanges and is covered by a standard 8 inch pipe. This design allows for an easy alteration of module length and tube materials and facilitates inspection or changing of membranes in a quick and easy manner. The open feed channel between the hydraulic disc and the membrane surfaces ensures an unrestricted feed water flow and consequently an optimal membrane cleaning from fouling deposits.

The open channel ROCHEM RO DT module can operate without problems on sea water which has been pretreated only with normal mechanical filters such as a sand filter and a cartridge filter, usually making acid and antiscalant pretreatment unnecessary. Due to the low pretreatment requirements of the module, it can be used for industrial waste water applications.

    PT-Membrane Module
ROCHEM RO DT module technology has created major advances in the field of REVERSE OSMOSIS and its use in the desalination and purification of seawater, brackish water and city water.
The ROCHEM RO DT module is a major advance from the plate module technology which was originally developed by the West Germany Research Centre (GkSS). 

The patented DT Membrane-Module is a modem design for desalination and purification of liquids. It operates effectively and economically also at increased turbidity and Silt Density Index levels for reverse osmosis.
The successful development of the DT module was only made possible by a precise technical approach in developing the total RO system. ROCHEM possesses the rare capability of being both the module manufacturer and the systems manufacturer. 

This dual capability, plus direct contact with the end user, is of great advantage to the customer.