Product - Seawater Treatment

Seawater Desalination

freshwater generators for yachts and cruise shipsRochem Reverse Osmosis Freshwater Generators for yachts and cruise ships

Clean sterilise and desalinate seawater to high-quality pure potable water

Use the patented ROCHEM PF or TS Modules, that have been specially developed for the operation in polluted coastal areas

Are state-of-art due to more than 20 years of experience 

Have proven reliability,are emitting low noise and are easy to operate

Are approved by well-know classification societies

Do not need any chemical pre-treatment

Are self-controlled for safe operation by unskilled personnel

ROCHEM Reverse Osmosis Freshwater Generators for naval surface ship and submarinesfreshwater generators for naval surface ships and submarines
Are designed to fulfil all Naval requirements, such as shock-and vibration resistance, EMC, airborne noise emission, a-magnetic design, etc. according to NATO STANAG regulations

Are unique for the installation in submarines down to an operation depth of 500 meters

Are of a high reliability, proven by 25 Navies worldwide