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Thermal Power Gas Turbine Cleaning

Rochem vn World Leaders in Gas Turbine & Process Compressor Cleaning systems and Chemicals

Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways

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No matter where you are, help is close by

Rochem brings more than 35 years of expertise to every product, project and customer. Consequently, our field service is responsive, thorough and professional. No matter where your location, our technicians can provide professional clean to your gas turbine, with every service and part backed by a robust warranty. Cleaning your equipment to factory-new performance with the help of the industry's experts.


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Our gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems and chemicals are available and well-known worldwide under the trade names FYREWASH® for on-line cleaning systems and KRANKWASH® for off-line/on-crank cleaning systems and chemicals

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Increased Energy Efficiency

Consistent, predictable results from every engine wash can help to significantly reduce gas turbine fuel burn – typically in the range 3 to 10% per annum.  For large Gas turbine, this can translate to millions of dollars saved.

Rapid Set-up and Operation
Self-powered and highly mobile for use anywhere on site, engine wash times, including set-up, are reduced to minutes not hours.  Efficient simultaneous cleaning of main fan, low and high pressure compressors and engine hot section
Built for Safety
Rochem systems boasts a self-positioning system – maybe no physical connection to the engine being washed.  The entire self-contained system can be positioned and managed by a minimal engineer. Standard Features  • Deigned and manufactured in house by Rochem  • Manufactured from high quality materials  • Fully tested and proven design  • Patented nozzle and cleaning system technology  • Almost every engine type covered  • Highly atomised spray pattern to ensure no erosion is caused  • 100% safety & reliability record  • Third party liability insurance  • Certificate of Conformity  • Simple to install and maintain  • Suited to both on-line and off-line compressor cleaning