Product - Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Treatment for Tanneries

tannery waste water
Achieve up to 85% volume reduction in effluent by the Rochem® Membrane Technology Systems


  • Lower pre-treatment requirement
  • No Softening / Coagulation
  • No fine filtration and activated carbon filtration
  • No UF/NF pre-treatment
  • Ability to handle high COD/BOD loads negates the high fouling and scaling potential of tannery effluent
  • High recovery rates result in lower and manageable concentrated streams
Background: The effluent from the unit is being treated in the existing ETP. However, the ETP treated effluent was not meeting the discharge norms. The discharge needed to be treated further to achieve pollution norms

Plant installed: Rochem PF-RO System
(Microprocessor controlled, fully fail safe and unattended operation)

Input: 75 cum/day of treated waste water as input

Recovery Rate: 80%-85%

Plant Performance

ParameterUNITInput to RORO Output
TDSppm< 8000< 45
CODppm< 200050
BODppm< 1000< 30

Salient Features

The installed system treats the input waste water to a level of quality where it can be reused within the factory.
The concentrated reject from the plant is within manageable volume and easily treated through solar or other accelerated evaporation mechanisms available.