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Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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We solve the world’s difficult-to-treat, valuable industrial waste and process waters.

Our engineers will design, develop, deliver and pre-engineer systems in a variety of sizes and configurations, across all markets, which meet your most pressing challenge. Our solutions are reliable, cost effective and can be easily adapted to your specific applications.
Landfill Leachate

landfill leachate We can recommend a system that operates efficiently and sets the stage for continuous improvement...

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Industrial Waste Waterindustrial water

We provide efficient, safe, cost-effective solutions to meet the strictest discharge requirements in your specific application...

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Water Reuse

reuse water We pair creativity with technology to create new solutions for the reuse of waste water resource...

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We lead the way in developing highly advanced membrane technologies.
We lead the market in research, development and application engineering to redefine recovery rates, efficiency and effectiveness for membrane-led technologies. Over 3000 installations and certified by all well- known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation (FAO), are easy to maintain, and avoid the fouling problems encountered by competitive systems.   membrane develop
Global services & Worldwide deliveries    
Whichever solution you chose, our global team of engineers will be there for you—around the clock and on the field—ensuring that your system is installed, configured, and maintained for longevity and outstanding performance.  
Rochem RO System
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