Product - Seawater Treatment

Spare parts and membrane chemical cleaning

We offer a full range of spare parts and chemicals accompany with modules/ Rochem systems operating at your plants.

All spare parts are genuine, consistent with design of clients’ systems using Rochem technology.

Including flanges (connection flange; end flange); tie-rod; membrane; ABS blue-disc; O-ring...

All flanges are made of stainless steel EN14410 (duplex). Resistance to chemical corrosion higher than steel 316. Stainless steel EN14410 is suitable for devices operating in seawater environment, high concentration chemical wastewater. Rochem PF Module Connection Flange Rochem PF Module End Flange
Connection Flange - Rochem PF ModuleEnd Flange - Rochem PF Module
Rochem RO MembraneRochem Blue DiscRochem Module O ring
 RO membrane - Rochem PF ModuleBlue-Disc- Rochem PF ModuleO Ring - Rochem PF Module
Rochem Membrane chemical cleaning

Membrane cleaner

We provide a full range of chemicals for cleaning disc tube systems periodically. All cleaners are manufactured in Rochem factories. Ensure your system quality throughout its operation.

Membrane Cleaner AA: remove organic fouling and microorganisms for RO membranes

Membrane Cleaner B: an acidic product for descaling of RO membranes

Membrane Cleaner C: a mild acidic compound for removal of iron oxides from RO membranes

Membrane Cleaner D: ROCIDE prevent biological fouling of RO installation being temporarily out of service/ operation.

Membrane Cleaner ROREP: anti-fouling online, used when feed water increases Calcium Sulfate - CaSO4.


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