Product - Gas Turbine Cleaning

Vip Range System

ViP‘ FOR ON-LINE/OFF-LINE COMPRESSOR CLEANiNG ViP RANGE SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE GAS TURBINE ENGINES For engines in the range of 0.5 – 340MW output vip range system

• The VIP RANGE is designed for industrial Gas Turbines and is available in static and mobile forms. • The VIP RANGE system is fully self-contained and simple to operate. • Using proven technology the VIP RANGE offers the operator simple and effective control of gas turbine compressor cleaning. • The VIP RANGE can supply multiple gas turbine wash nozzle systems for both on-line and on-crank washing. • Every VIP RANGE wash delivery system is fully factory tested and is designed for quick and easy installation. • The VIP RANGE is available with a number of standard options and can be customized to suit you specific requirements. • The VIP RANGE is available for use in hazardous areas such as oil and gas platforms and facilities. Rochem is a certified ISO9001:2008 manufacturer

ViP key design elements are:

• Safe & effective droplet sizes, large enough to wet surface area yet small enough not to attribute to airfoil erosion • Delivery of wash fluid, fully wet the compressor blading with the least number of injection nozzles Maximize wash fluid contact time & minimise volume of wash fluid • Single kit of wash fluid injection nozzles for both on-line & off-line washing using our ‘unique’ side atomizing nozzle technology • Capable of fine-tuning to meet specific engine & site characteristics

management system


• On-line & off-line stainless steel nozzle kit with manifold • Unique nozzle protection filter • Stainless steel tank with level indicator • Stainless Steel piping • Steel support frame • Control Panel • Tank Heater with low level protection • Tank overflow protection • Wash Injection Pump • Temperature Indicator • Pressure Indicator • Adjustable wash parameters • Wheel kit as standard • Full Operating Manual and Data book • Certificate of Conformity • Proven, compact designSimple to install and maintain • Minimum operator input time • No chemical handling • Suited to both on-line and off-line compressor cleaning

OPTIONAL FEATURES • Automatic operation • Remote control • Cold Weather operation • Thermal Insulation • Frost guard • Ex version available

TECHNICAL DATA Tank Capacity: 100 – 1000 LTRS (26-260 USG) Operating Pressure Range: 10-60 BAR (150-900 PSI) Power Supply: 380-480, 5060Hz, 3ph (other voltages available upon request)