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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

Reverse Osmosis

Outstanding expertise in reverse osmosis membrane technology 

ROCHEM has over 40 year experience in treating the most complex cocktails of industrial wastewater. Our high rejection membrane produces rejection rates of 99.8% and high water recovery rate typically 90- 95% and also operates at high pressure up to 3.000psi. 98,8% HIGH REJECTION RATE

Using our high rejection membrane for producing high quality permeate


Our hydrodynamic designs, low concentration polarization and open channel design avoids fouling and scaling. Our systems are easy to clean allowing 100% performance to be recovered following cleaning. Compact standard designs reduce engineering and production costs and allows scalability.

 Rochem anti-fouling membrane system


Reverse osmosis is a reliable separation method based on osmosis, a phenomenon found in nature, where a weakly concentrated aqueous solution and a more highly concentrated solution are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is permeable to water molecules while salt and other constituents are blocked. The semi-permeable membrane permits diffusion of the water from the lower concentrate to the higher concentrate side until an equal salt concentrate is obtained on both sides (osmotic equilibrium).  rochem semipermeable membrane


rochem feed water filtration permeate

Pressure is applied to saline water to force the pure water molecules through a semi- permeable membrane. The majority of the dissolved salts, organic material, bacteria and suspended solids are physically unable to pass through the membrane and are discharged from the system in the rejected brine. The pure water is then ready for use without further treatment.

rochem feed permeate concentrate

Our Rochem PF Module, FM Module, Demi Water system... use advanced reverse osmosis technology and is used in the desalinization and purification of seawater, brackish water, city water, industrial waste water Recycle/ Reuse. 

ROCHEM MODULE is ideal for wastewater treatment, manufacturing processes and recovery applications 

Usage Field
Waster Treatment
Processing / Manufacturing
Recover/ Reuse/ Recycle

Digestate & Livestock waste water

Anaerobic digest-ate Livestock wastewaterBiomass recovery from digestateNitrogen recovery for organic fertilizer
Chemical ProcessingCooling tower Metals removalColloidal suspensions Mineral salt concentrationPrecious metals Methylcellulose

Food & Beverage

Bakery wastewater Brewery wash water WineryJuice concentration Vinegar clarificationBeer recovery Cheese whey
BiotechBio-ethenol Bio-diesel

Amino acid production Antibiotic production Herbal medicine concentration

Diafiltration for recovery
Oil & Energy

Ion exchange brine Acid mine drainage Selenium removal

 Waste oil Metal working fluids Produced water reuse
OthersLandfill leachate MF backwashLatex concentrationPaper coating effluent recovery

Key Benefits

  • No sophisticated pre-treatment
  • Reliable & robust technology
  • Easy to maintain
  • High recovery rates with low energy costs 
  • Compact flexible module units 
  • Long membrane life
  • Lower membrane replacement costs 
  • Wide range of standard systems 
  • Installed and operational in hours 
  • In-built cleaning& maintenance 
  • Reduced fouling& scaling
  • Narrow and open channel design 
  • Chemical free filtration process 
  • Latest membrane technology