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Rochem Module Technology


This Rochem module technology has been designed to overcome all the failings found in the other types and makes of Reverse Osmosis modules. The Rochem module technology superior fluid dynamics drastically reduces the fouling and scaling that are common in other reverse osmosis modules. The Rochem module technology has been developed to gain hybrid advantages from an open channel and spiral module design. The result is a membrane element with extensive research has been carried out in the United States several years ago.

 ST Rochem module
The Rochem module technology has decisive advantages compared to all of the traditional spiral and disc modules

Rochem module technology has been specifically designed and engineered for difficult to treat or valuable waters.

It was two unique advantages, an open channel and a spiral module design. This narrow  and open channel design creates excellent fluid dynamics maximizing the effective membrane area. The result is highly efficient flow rates that prevent fouling and scaling, maintaining a constant pressure creating an efficient and effective module with longevity.

membrane section


membrane cushions sectionmembrane section Rochem

RO module for High Dissolved Solids Content

  • Rochem module technology and module designed to handle high dissolved solids applications, less susceptible to fouling compared to conventional RO modules
  • Rochem module technology concept, open channel design minimizes colloidal and particulate fouling
  • Cross flow configuration and high recycle rate continuously scours membrane elements
Spiral Wound MembraneSpacer Tube (ST) Membrane
flow diagramSpiral Woundflow diagram Spacer Tube

Conventional Spiral Wound Membrane

Rochem module technology

 FoulingST module 

 Fouling in a Conventional Spiral Wound Membrane

Rochem module technology module effectively treats landfill leachate obtaining a 99.8% rejection rate. Designed with a very simple pre-treatment sand filter process the system is low maintenance, requires less investment cost and has higher operational safety. landfill leachate

The Rochem module technology excels in dealing with difficult to treat, high concentrations such as:

  • Treatment of biological effluents
  • Chemical waste water treatment
  • Grey water treatment
  • Classic water treatment on ships
  • Separation of emulsions


  • High filtrate flux
  • High recovery
  • High packing density
  • Reduced fouling& scaling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lower membrane replacement costs
  • Fail safe unattended operation
  • Compact and flexible module units
  • Installed and operational
  • Directed flow
  • Chemical free filtration process
  • Long membrane life


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